What are all these purple weeds growing in your yard?

Have you noticed the abundance of a small purple flower all around Shreveport and in everyone’s lawn this year? Some have small patches while other yards have been overrun with the pesky weed, so what is it. Well it is a combination of 2 plants – henbit, and purple dead nettle. In this article I […]

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Mowing

Which weekly mowing schedule fits your family? To start, how often would you like your lawn mowed? The simple answer to most of our clients, and the answer i hear 90% of the time is a swift ” every two weeks,” without hesitation. While I am a business owner and I am very much a salesman […]

Four Best Grasses for Shreveport & Bossier

If you are looking to sod a new lawn, or just looking to determine what grass types are growing in your lawn, this is the guide for you. To start with, the climate in Shreveport Bossier is classified as a warm humid zone which means there are not a whole lot of grasses that can […]

Quality Landscape Maintenance

Best Quality Landscape Maintenance From the Shreveport to the Stonewall, wherever your place of residence, properly designed and installed landscaping can be just what your home lacks. Bring out the design elements throughout your property and increase the value of your home.  It is common to perform your own gardening, but landscaping can become an advanced […]

Organic Lawn Care – Good or Bad?

I remember reading a story last summer about a pond in the Hamptons that was virtually destroyed by the use of fertilizers.  Lawn pros were using chmicals to maintain these so called “Trophy lawns” (Read the article here).  What amazed me the most is that this became an environmental disaster, similar to a smaller scale […]

Mowing – When should you stop?

Winter Mowing In Louisiana In the southern region of the united states grass typically starts to slow around October then freezing in time by November.  The lawns growth pattern will slow as soil and air temperature reduce, but here in Louisiana it slows down and never actually stops growing.  Moving towards the autumn season we usually move […]

Monthly Lawn Care Packages

“Per cut” payment is a thing of the past. Are you paying a fortune for lawn care in this summer?  I’ve been there!  It seems like everything costs more in the summer from electric and gas due to the Louisiana heat, to your fuel bill to take a vacation and get away from the Louisiana […]

Leaf Cleanups – Spring and Fall

Do you really need to do two big cleanups annually? It is now the perfect time in Shreveport / Bossier, Louisiana to start leaf cleanups.  Geaux Cuts offers plans to take care of your leaves on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  This is the best option for getting your yard clean every year, and in […]

Lawn Tricks for Halloween

Lawn tricks for Haloween Halloween is steadily approaching, it will bring happy trick or treaters through your lawn and flower beds, premature leaves that want to decorate your driveway, and a flood of holidays that will occupy your interests and time for the next few months. What better time to buckle down even more on […]

Flower Beds – Weed Control

How do you prevent weeds in your flower beds?  Throughout my years of doing landscape work I have found a few of the most effective ways for weed control. Flower Beds Treatment The first thing to do is determine the level of weeds within the flower beds, and what time of the year it is. […]