Organic Lawn Care – Good or Bad?

I remember reading a story last summer about a pond in the Hamptons that was virtually destroyed by the use of fertilizers.  Lawn pros were using chmicals to maintain these so called “Trophy lawns” (Read the article here).  What amazed me the most is that this became an environmental disaster, similar to a smaller scale BP spill in the gulf.  The small water body used for fishing and swimming was soon completely shut down for recreational use. This all the product of common lawn fertilization.  So the wealthy residents of the neighborhood banned together to clean up the water and develop preventative procedures.  After several joined and over a million dollars were raised, the group has yet to find a working solution. If there was ever a neighborhood with the disposable income to eliminate this issue this was the one!

These chemicals are very seriously harming our environment on a much larger scale than a hampton pond.  Could this have been prevented with the use of organic lawn care?

The solution is simple – organic lawn care – using organic naturally found substances to treat your lawn. This may make for a little more work on your part, but in the end you will be doing your part to preserve our planet for generations to come. What on earth is more important than clean drinking water?  So how do you even begin taking care of your lawn in a natural, organic manner? It’s fairly straight forward.

Chemical free corn gluten meal

15 years ago an Iowa State University turf grass researcher Dr. Nick Christians accidentally discovered that corn gluten prevented seeds from germinating successfully.  Christians had already found that it would be a great lawn fertilizer with an amazing 10% nitrogen content. This product will feed grass to grow healthy and green.  Dr. Christian’s discovery meant that along with feeding the good stuff it also eradicates weeds as a pre-emergent. Corn Gluten can kill even clover and dandelion before they germinate.

To get the best results, the user will water the gluten very well and then allow the area to dry out. Any weed seeds that try and germinate will be killed naturally by the gluten. The gluten slowly releases nitrogen to build up the kind of healthy turf that naturally resists weeds.

*Bonus – Ants hate corn gluten meal, it will keep them out of your lawn, and can be used on ant piles.

Natural non-toxic weed killer

I could go an for days about the harmful use of Glyphosate — the chemical used in roundup, and contributing to the use of genetically modified foods into our homes, and causing cancer in those who consume it– but i’ll just stick to talking about the positive side of this. There is a mixture that you can make for 30% of the cost of the cheap weed killer found in stores. all you have to do is mix a gallon of vinegar, a squirt of dawn dish soap, and a 1/2 cup of salt. The vinegar strips the plant, the dawn forms a sticky coat to which the salt sticks to and then bakes it in the sun. this mixture will kill small weeds in a days time and with repeated use will completely eradicate them from the cracks in your sidewalk, or anywhere else that you would like.

These two things can take care of the weeds in your lawn without damaging the planet. I will update this post later, there are so many more ways to incorporate organic lawn care into your outdoor space.  If you have any questions, email me at, or comment below. Thanks for Reading.