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Lawn Care in Shreveport  / Bossier

A Small Company with big dreams!  Geaux Cuts provides a wide array of lawn Services in Shreveport Bossier, Louisiana.  Our lawn professionals will be able to provide full service care to your lawn, garden, or flower beds. Lawn services range from regular weekly lawn care and full service property maintenance, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning/ repair, to holiday lighting at Christmas time.

landscaping in shreveport

Versatile Lawn Service

We study and document everything we do, and other companies like us so that we can benefit everyone who does business with us.  At Geaux Cuts Lawn Care we strive to become the most reputable and trustworthy name in lawn care in Shreveport & Bossier.  Our lawn mowers are small and adapt for yards in Broadmoore and other subdivisions in town with 36″ gates. We use stand on and walk behind equipment that allows us to be 10% faster on regular turf.  These mowers are light enough not to rut up your grass after a rainy day. We take this seriously, so that you can enjoy a nice lawn.


landscaping in Shreveport Bossier

Reliable Lawn Pros

With Geaux Cuts lawn care you will be wrapped in the security of knowing that you will not have to worry about a lawn contractor from here on out.  Every customer is so valuable that when we are on your property we treat it like the only lawn we service.  We use great service scheduling software that does not allow us to ever miss an appointment.  If there are external variables such as weather complications we prioritize communication to keep you aware of a schedule change.

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Personalized Lawn Maintenance

Your home is a reflection of your family, and your lawn service should feel the same way. From alternate payment options, to getting that special shrub or flower to bloom and be magnifiscent this year.  We personalize your service to fit your families specific needs.  We are a small company, with complete customer satisfaction as our top priority.

landscaping in shreveport bossier

Why Choose Geaux Cuts?

Why Choose Geaux Cuts

1. We only hire English speaking, background checked employees.
* When you choose Geaux Cuts Lawn Care you will get a personable employee that speaks your language. They will be trained specifically on your property, with the ability to quote any service that you would like on site, the same day.
Communication = Reliability

2. If we leave your gate open you will get a free mow next time.
* You don’t want to be called home from an important day at work to chase your precious hound Voltron around the neighborhood any more than we want to give him a chance to see the world and live out his name for a few hours. We love pets, and that is why it is second nature for our guys to close the gate going in and out every time regardless of a pet being present.

3. We always confirm your appointment the day before your service.
* How hard is a call, text, or email the day before we show up? A little hedz up can go a long way! With Geaux Cuts, you will never be caught off guard. We keep you scheduled on the same day of the week for every service, weather permitting.

4. We never start work before 8 am.
* This is out of courtesy to you and your neighbors alike. We also have customers that work the night shift at Willis Knighton, and Shumpert, that we work the schedule around for. We do our best to come when you are awake.

5. We survey our customers and fix every problem reported to us.
* You may take one of our surveys for yourself here. We understand that customer feedback is a must, and that sometimes it can be awkward to tell us that we need to do something different or better in person. That’s why we offer this survey.

6. We take our time! We get to know your specific needs.
* From the day we show up to provide a quote, to the day we provide service you will receive the same polite attitude from every employee. We intend to give your yard the same care that you would provide. We take the time to weed eat and spray the cracks in the sidewalk and drive, to bag extra clippings, and make sure your edging looks good from every angle.





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