Mowing – When should you stop?

Winter Mowing In Louisiana

In the southern region of the united states grass typically starts to slow around October then freezing in time by November.  The lawns growth pattern will slow as soil and air temperature reduce, but here in Louisiana it slows down and never actually stops growing.  Moving towards the autumn season we usually move our mowing from bi-weekly to every 3-4 weeks.  In winter we move down to once per month from December to February.

During October we aim to remove the top section of the lawn while mulching any debris that have become present pre-fall. This will keep your yard looking tidy, reducing the amount of buildup from leaves and straw that will suffocate your grass.

It should be taken into consideration that most folks like their property to look good for the holidays, so we usually mow and cleanup the week before Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


The general rule for the last mowing of the season is to wait until the grass slows to beyond a “once per month” cut schedule.  Once you determine that your grass has hit a stopping point for the year, cut it around 1/4” shorter than your usual cut height to give the yard room to grow up through the winter.  We usually check on each lawn at least once per month to weedeat patches that will occur do to areas that may be more nutritious than others.  Our guys will also go over the edging through the winter season to keep things sleek and tidy.

In conclusion,

there is not a set day for the last mowing of the season, but better yet a time period that will help you get a jump on next season.  Lawn care is based on variable dates and time frames, and it is never the same for each year that passes.  If you time things just right you could have a great looking yard with little effort.  Now its time to talk about leaves, and fall cleanups on the next blog!  Please like and share our tips and tricks on facebook, google, and twitter!

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