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Best Quality Landscape Maintenance

From the Shreveport to the Stonewall, wherever your place of residence, properly designed and installed landscaping can be just what your home lacks. Bring out the design elements throughout your property and increase the value of your home.  It is common to perform your own gardening, but landscaping can become an advanced craft quite quickly.  You may discover that landscape design is a bit more applicable for an expanding interest or hobby, rather than a weekend warrior, or hobbyist to take on.

Preparation and planning are key to a design structure that will complement your home and last for years to come.  What kind of plants will be best for your soil? What is the best position to the sun? You will also need to take note of the height at maturity for each plant that you will include in your garden.  Always layer your garden placing the shortest in the front working to the taller shrubs in the back.  For those new to the field, or considering making landscaping a hobby I would strongly suggest studying Dirr’s Hardy Trees and Shrubs while taking on a project.  For the best quality landscape maintenance you can always count on Geaux Cuts.


Can you imagine a calm summer evening gazing upon the complexity and magnificence of the garden you prepared? Some things to consider while designing a new landscape are lighting, landscaping, and plant color outlays. Well placed lighting can accent a design, but if you have a bad design to start, lighting may accent a more unpleasant look. Hardscaping stones should be considered along borders, and unsightly elements of the design. Color outlays vary depending on the type of planting used.  Color should be used only to accent your property. Too much attention to color can take away from the overall look you are striving towards.


When choosing plants you should consider buying from a local nursery. This is always good for your local economy.  Plants that have been nourished in your nearby locality will be more adapt to the environment to which they are permanently housed.  Here in northern Louisiana we usually strive for sunny perennial beds with drought-tolerant plants.


Mulch is a common way to keep your flower beds looking sleek and clean while also blocking sunlight to the weeds trying to grow beneath.  Mulch is not a fix for every problem that occurs. Your beds must be maintained and weeded as needed. This process will be more common during the first few years after a new installation, and less frequently throughout the subsequent years.  When pruning existing landscaping you should always note what times of the year are best for each particular plant.  In shreveport, most of the common shrubs such as hollies, boxwoods, and my favorite – loropetalums, can be groomed throughout spring, summer, and most of the fall season (if you are not sure what you have take a picture and send it to me).  When pruning shrubs over fresh mulch it is usually a good idea to put a tarp down to catch the clippings.


There are many things to look for when choosing a quality landscape maintenance company.  When looking for a residential or commercial landscape installer,  find someone who is reliable and experienced in the field. This is a lasting decision, and usually a reasonable investment for you or your business.  Since you are here I would assume that you are considering us, and of course I will vouch that we strive to show the importance of helping families.  Whether you are planning on doing a full install, renovation of existing landscaping -whether you plan on pushing through the process on your own, or hiring a contractor – I always have my phone on and you may call me anytime!

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