Weekly or Bi-Weekly Mowing

Which weekly mowing schedule fits your family?

To start, how often would you like your lawn mowed? The simple answer to most of our clients, and the answer i hear 90% of the time is a swift ” every two weeks,” without hesitation. While I am a business owner and I am very much a salesman for geaux cuts, I pride myself and our company for being an honest organization that cares for its customers.  With that being said, now I would like you to examine with me the true cost of a bi-weekly and weekly mowing schedule.

One | Time

The first thing to consider here in Shreveport, Louisiana is how long does it take for your lawn to look unsightly after each service.  The answer to this question is usually 8-10 days, therefore if you are on a bi-weekly cut schedule your lawn will look overgrown for 4-6 days!

Two | Weeds

Now we must examine the reason why it looks this way.  What type of weeds are you seeing in your lawn?  These vary from season to season, and may take a lawn professional to identify but the most common that we see in neighborhoods around Shreveport / Bossier are crab grass, white clover, variations of Bahia, and hen-bit.  In most cases you are not actually seeing overgrown grass in 8-10 days, you are seeing the prominence of weeds protruding long before the grass.  Regular mowing will eliminate you seeing these weeds, and over time will actually eliminate them due to the promotion of a healthier lawn.

Three | Price

Overall, the reason that most folks go bi-weekly is to save money, but most lawn companies charge more for this gap in service time. You will usually pay 5-10% more per mow. Our bi-weekly package starts out at $80 per service, but for $20 more per month you could go weekly and have a healthier, better looking lawn all year long!

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