Native to west Texas, and Mexico areas this is a desert plant that can withstand droughts and extreme cold temps. Used in ornamental plantings in landscapes, primarily for it’s tall stalk with pink or red flowers at the tips. These flowers bloom in spring around april, may and last throughout the summer turning into a fruit in mid summer. The fruit is edible and is considered to taste somewhat like a bell-pepper but looks a lot like okra after cooked. In late summer the fruit hardens and drops on the ground below to release its seeds in that area. This can be problematic in landscapes where the yucca surrounds itself in a few years creating a large dense area of the plant that will need to be cleared out. This casn be avoided by plucking the stems off of the plants in mid summer before they dry up and release the seed pods. Plucking the stems will need to be done annually regardless as they dry up and become an eye sore. You can also keep these seed pods and propagate more plants from seed fairly easy. The only additional maintenance will be to trim any dead leaves around the perimiter as they dry out they will look a bit messy, just take some hand pruners and snip the gray dead foliage off for a better looking plant.