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We provide a wide array of landscaping and flower bed services in the Shreveport Bossier area of Louisiana.  We will be able to provide excellent care to your flower beds.  From spring cleaning to regular maintenance to keep your flower beds and precious plants healthy throughoput the year, Geaux Cuts Lawn Care is here for you!

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Flower Bed Cleanups

It is not uncommon for landscaping to become overgrown in a short time.  If this has happened to you than it is usually a case of improper weed restrictions in place.  We can asses the bedding as to why is has become overwhelming and how we can prevent it in the future.  After we clean your landscaping we will provide a report that will show detail what type of maintenance will need to be done at your property and how frequently.  

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Besides and overgrown lawn, untidy shrubs can really bring down the look of your home.  If you hire Geaux Cuts Lawn Care to trim your landscaping you can rest assured you are in good hands.  We have high powered trimmers that get the job done fast.  We have extensions that can reach the height of most ornamental trees.  You will also find simple hand pruners and trimmers on our truck and trailer that allow for a tight and neat trim.

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There are many cases where a big problem can be solved by a minor adjustment to the chemical balance of a plant or tree.  We can tell you from past experiences and advise best treatment in your beds or lawn.  There is a lot of trial and error in lawn treatment and it is always best to get advice from someone who has had the problem before.  If we cant fix the problem then we have great consultants that can!

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We can also help you choose the right border for your bedding.  It is essential that the border that you choose properly accents your home and brings out the natural features increasing curb appeal.