Tree Trimming

Geaux Cuts | Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning is not the same task as “cutting limbs”.  An educated, experienced tree pruner only removes limbs for specific reasons. Some reasons to prune a tree might include dead limbs, broken limbs, crossing or interfering limbs, or limbs that are encroaching on structures or wires.  In the Shreveport bossier area of northern Louisiana you will find a variety of species such as the great magnolia, crepe myrtle, pecan, and elm trees to name a few.

Most trees do not need to be “shaped”, or cut to a symmetrical shape. Tree “topping” is an antiquated practice, that involves cutting a tree canopy back to a small size, and forcing the tree to re-sprout to survive, and is generally a bad idea.

Deciding which limbs to prune off is only half the battle.  It is very important that each limb is pruned at the appropriate place, with the appropriate tool, using the right technique, and at the proper time of year.

Proper tree trimming and pruning can work wonders for your tree, impacting both its health and appearance.  Clearance from houses, power and utility lines, and neighboring property, removal of dead wood, removal of hazardous dead branches, weight reduction and decreased risk of storm damage are just some of the needs for proper trimming.  Proper pruning ensures a long, healthy life for your tree as well as making your tree aesthetically pleasing. Geaux Cuts Lawn and Landscape is proud to provide for all of your small trimming and pruning and removal needs.