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We have been Pressure washing in Shreveport since 2015.  When we began pressure washing it quickly became an annual job for the majority of our clientele.  We have a great deal of experience working on the broadmoor and highland neighborhoods of Shreveport, and we understand that most of the houses are delicate when it comes to these types of jobs.  I would go as far as to say that we specialize in pressure washing older houses with more gentle techniques.

We offer the use of organic & bleach free chemicals that will not harm the paint on your home, or the plants around it.  You may not know that when pressure washing homes some recommended chemicals can do expensive damage to your property, and it is very important to choose an experienced contractor for this type of work.  We intend for this job to be done as safely as possible.

WE ARE FULLY INSURED and we give you a copy of our insurance so that you have piece of mind while we pressure wash your home.

From old craftsman style houses, to the newer acadiana style homes – from playground equipment to large commercial buildings – we can have your property sparkling in no time!  We are able to do commercial and residential properties in Shreveport and Bossier, La.

before and after pressure washing

Soft Washing

We offer soft washing service to homes with vinyl siding, or for the folks who would rather a more gentle technique than pressurized water against the house.  A lot of people do not realize that pressure washing a house can cause damage.  This usually occurs when a non-professional is hired to wash the home and doesn’t take into consideration the impact of water on parts of the home.

In order to soft wash a home, our technicians will first access each area to be washed and the impact it can cause.  The tech will be looking for things like landscaping that could be stepped on, unprotected areas of the home, and loose covers and gutters.  It is important to take note of these things and fix and issues before they become worse.

The next step is to treat the surface area to be washed.  Our employee will usually apply a mixture including organic fluids such as vinegar and tea tree oil.  The application will need to sit while he preps the next area to be washed.
Once the application is allowed to work on the dirt, grim, and mildew left on the home we will spray it of with water.  The vinegar solution usually gets every bit of unsightly material from the external walls.  If there is bits left to be washed the tech will re-apply, and repeat the above steps until the home is sparkling!

power washing

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