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When it comes to Christmas lights, this is downright the funnest job that we do!  We focus on providing the most inexpensive, energy efficient, quality service with no stress to our happy clients each year.  We understand that Christmas is stressful, but with Geaux Cuts  you can have a great Christmas light display without the hassle.  Our safety conscious, highly trained & uniformed employees know that you are depending on us this season and we take it seriously.  We have reliable vendors who provide us the highest quality LED bulbs, and cut to fit lighting strands to fit your home perfectly this Holiday season.  Our Christmas lights are very dependable, but in the event that you have an issue we will be out within 24 hours to fix it.

Are you ready for a stunning Christmas light display this holiday season?

Here are our Package Options for the 2019 Season:

150 ft. Roofline
Basic +
150 ft. Roofline
150 ft. Peaks & Ridges
150 ft. Roofline
150 ft. Peaks & Ridges
150 ft Pathway.

Our Services:

Roofline (front face)

We will install high quality LED C9 lights on the front face of your home, in any color you’d like.  These light strands are cut to perfectly fit the lines and contours of your house.  Any additional cords will be matched to the color of your home and hidden from view for a flawless professional look this Christmas season.

Peaks & Ridges

Adding Holiday lighting to the peaks & ridges of your home is the next step to making your home sparkle.  This is usually a continuation of the Roofline, where we simply keep the strands flowing from the front and up to the top of the home to outline the contours of your home.  We also use C9 bulbs for the peaks and ridges, and you may choose any colors you’d like.

Wrap Shrubs / Tree (Canopied or Branch Wrap)

Canopy simply means that we will cover the outside perimeter of your plants with mini LED lights of any color.   This is a great addition to roof lighting and offers great contrast and detail to a Christmas light design.

We can also branch wrap your trees.   This is a great way to showcase an ornamental tree that you take pride in, or to add abundance to a Christmas light installation.  Branch wrap means we will wrap each branch of the tree with great detail all the way from the trunk to the tips.  We can also do partial branch wraps where we wrap up to a certain height.  This works great on trees like crepe myrtles, where each branch runs parallel.

Driveway / Walkway lights

We provide pathway lighting for your driveway and walkways.  We use standard LED C9 bulbs of any color along with ground stakes to outline any border.

Accent lights (Any Color)

We provide accent lights of any color.  These work great to accent and provide contrast by shining light dark areas of the design.

LED holiday lights

Affordable Christmas lights

We buy straight from the manufacturer so we can offer any lights that you can imagine.  Whether you need Christmas lights, Halloween lighting, or even wedding and event lighting, we can install it.  Book before Halloween for Christmas lights in order to beat the rush and ensure that you make it on the schedule.  There is typically a 2 month window to install Christmas lights, and holiday lighting books very quickly!

It will save time and money to schedule ahead, we offer a 10% discount to schedule before October 1st!

We can supply the following:

  • C9 (White or Colorful) strands (1 ft spacing High Quality LED)
  • C7 (White or Colorful) Strands (High Quality LED)
  • Icicle Lights (White of Colorful)
  • Any color mini lights (LED)
  • Solar or mechanical timers
  • Cut to fit cordage for a professional look!
  • Wreaths, Garland, and Sprays (Lit or unlit)

We are on call throughout the season and are ready to help at anytime night or day!  We install breakers in-line so that ours will trip before yours does.  In most cases the only maintenance needed is to re-engage a breaker if it trips!  We make Christmas lights in Shreveport simple and easy for our clients.  Call anytime of the year or fill out our contact form for a free quote!

amazing christmas lights

Want to know more?  Here you will find our christmas lighting full info!

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