Planting Flowers & Shrubs:

We source quality landscape plants and flowers grown locally from nurseries in North Louisiana.  We use techniques for planting, fertilization, watering, and pruning as defined by the Louisiana Nursery & Landscape Association.

Our plant installations start with great soil and bed preparation.  

Soil & Site Preparation:

Our plant and flower installations start with great soil and bed preparation.  We test soil to determine the PH and nutrients within the soil mixture.  The health of your landscape depends on the soil, therefore we may raise or lower the acidity or alkalinity before planting based on the plants used.  If there are foreign materials have contaminated the soil we may remove the top 4-6 inches and replace with a new high grade soil to protect the life of your landscape.

There are times when the intended area for planting has poor drainage due to compact soil, clay, or foreign matter.  In this case we will till down about a foot to break up the soil and provide proper drainage.  Moisture retention in mulch is good, but you don’t want your plants sitting in a pool of water if the soil is not draining, this will lead to root rot.

After Planting:

The first 4-6 weeks after planting will determine the future life of the plant.  During this time the plant will need to establish its roots within the surrounding soil, and will need to be watched carefully to make sure it is getting just the right amount of sun and water.