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Our Pricing :

1st Service

When determining the price of your first service we take into account any leaves, or debris on the property, and any edging that may need to be done.  We factor all of this together to determine your first service.  This service is usually higher than your weekly or bi-weekly price.


We recommend this service schedule for those looking to keep a great looking lawn all year long.  We come once in March, and then weekly from April – October, and 1-2 times per month in November / December as needed to keep the lawn free of debris and weeds for the holidays.


This service schedule is for those looking to maintain there lawn at a basic level.  We come once in March, and then Bi-Weekly from April – October, and Once per month in November / December.

With this schedule the lawn will grow 6” to 1 foot in between appointments, so we do charge a higher fee for the extra time spent.


– We offer weekly and bi-weekly services.  We send a text and email reminder to our clients the evening before the next appointment.

– Customers may also check the customer portal to see all future scheduled appointments, and may request additional work needed at the property.

– Our services start with one cleanup appointment in march, then full time from April – October.  We come 1-2 times per month in November and December to keep the lawn free of leaves for the holidays.  There is usually no need to come in January or February, but we will be available should you need anything.

Our Services

– We of course offer full service lawn maintenance, mowing, edging, trimming, and blowing.

– We also offer light landscaping services, trimming, mulching, straw, planting, fertilization, and disease treatment.

– We no longer do landscape installation, but can diagnose, treat, or replace plants and ornamental trees.  

– We also install Flowers, spring and fall color, or perennials.


– We only accept credit card payments, through a “card on file” system. This form of payment is encrypted and secure. This helps to cut down administrative costs for Geaux Cuts and keep our prices low.

– To set up your form of payment you will log into your customer portal and save your card in the payments section.  Once saved we cannot see any of your card info accept the last 4 digits.  The card will be charged as agreed upon for your regular mowing schedule, and you may opt for automatic stick and leaf cleanup, or by approval only.

Debris Fees

– Any trash, toys, sticks, tall grass, or leaves within the lawn may result in extra fees.b  You may opt in for automatic cleanup and billing of this type of work, or by approval only.  Automatic cleanup means we will do the additional work, add the fee to your regular mowing invoice as a debris fee, and charge the card on file.  By Approval means we will only do the regular service, any debris will be worked around and left within the lawn, and we will send you an invoice for approval before your next service.